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Windy Beach, Rhodos (Greece)

Windy Beach, Rhodos (Greece) Art Rörqvist
Windy Beach, Rhodos (Greece)

Hällingsjö (Sweden) – Andreas Douglas Rörqvist

Hällingsjö in Sweden done in Aquarelle on Maule Rouge.

Hällingsjö Västra Ingsjön Art Konst Andreas Douglas Rörqvist

Madonna – Andreas Douglas Rörqvist

Aqua Diver

Phil Collins – Andreas Douglas Rörqvist

Tina Turner – Andreas Douglas Rörqvist

Västra Ingsjön (Sweden) – Andreas Rörqvist

Andreas Rörqvist porträtt av (Jacob Lilljegren)

Art – Andreas Douglas Rörqvist

Andreas Douglas Rörqvist

Born: 1986 and raised at Näset, Gothenburg (Sweden) and suffering from Borderline personality disorder aswell as Asperger syndrom and fighting against a heavy drug abuse and addiction problem since the day a lost my brother in a fire accident. Welcome to Andreas Rörqvist artwork!


RMS Titanic

Art – Main

”Portrait of my brother”

This is my best portrait of my brother Christian that past away in a fire-accident the 4:th of february 2012. Christian was only 27 years old when he past away and studied his last year on industrial economy on Chalmers in Gothenburg, Sweden. ”Always loved but never forgotten!”

Christian Rörqvist 1984-2012